Download tema windows 7 : keren-keren aja

Zaidan-alhamdulillah bisa post lg.kali ini ane mau bagikan tema windows 7 lg nih sob! tp edisi KEREN-KEREN,

nah sebelum nyimak ada baiknya agan baca artikel tema windows 7 lainnya
1.RE-ngreget abis
 merah merah keren
--HOW TO ADD THE THEME---------------------

Have you patched you system for allowing custom themes? if not you will have to do that
I would use Universal Theme Patcher, it works great and it's free too use.
If you are running a 64-bit operating system, you need too patch your system 2 times, one time for 32-bit and one time for 64-bit, you need too patch 5 files in total.

This theme also requires you to have Theme Resource Changer installed and running.
But if you dont have this, you can read more about TRC here: [link]

Too add the theme, you just need to unzip the pack, and add the Re-degetized folder and the Re.degetized.theme file too: C:WindowsResourcesThemes

Then you can go too your desktop and right-click and choose Personalize and you will find it with the other themes you have installed in your OS.



klik seperti gambar dibawah

udah dlu y sob


Roni Yahya said...

mantap gan coment back

iwan lamkaruna said...

izin download ya masss................

Anonymous said...

wow mantap + keren bnget ni gan temanya :)

Anonymous said...

wew, keren-keren bangg

Anonymous said...

widih themenya ngeri".. yg nyomot gan.. :D

come back..

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